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August 3, 2018, 8:14 AM

God is Speaking, Are We Hearing

Church Family,

In my reading this week I saw the power of God unleashed on Earth. One of the questions that I’ve wrestled with and would ask that you do the same is this: What in my life would keep me from hearing the direction of God? What in my life would prevent me from following Jesus? Is God still unleashing His power(He is), but I’m not seeing or hearing it?

Mark 4:9 And he said, “He who has ears to hear, let him hear.”

Isaiah 6:9 And He replied, "Go and tell this people: 'Be ever hearing, but never understanding; be ever seeing, but never perceiving.'

Ezekiel 12:2 "Son of man, you are living in a rebellious house. They have eyes to see but do not see, and ears to hear but do not hear, for they are a rebellious house.

Can I encourage you today to take the time and praise God for how often He reveals Himself to us? Can I also encourage you if you are like me and don’t always hear clearly from God to admit your struggles with hearing and knowing God’s voice? God resists the proud, but He will not turn away the Humble.


  1. Sunday at 6pm Billy and Cynthia Jones will be in concert.
  2. Awesome August after church fellowships begins this week. We are having Peanuts and Pepsi Cola after the concert.
  3. Monday Church Visitation. Food at 5:30 and visiting at 6:15.
  4. Tuesday Softball game with White Savannah at 7pm. All are welcome.
  5. August 9th -11th Family Summer Camp. We will leave at 2pm from the church and return Saturday morning around 11am.

Love, Serve, Go

Brian Winburn

August 1, 2018, 11:31 AM

Meeting needs to Share the gospel

Church Family,

Praying today for the direction that God would have to Go and Serve. I would love to hear if God has laid anything on your heart?

Whatever it maybe that God is leading us to we would be wise to remember reason why we Serve and Go.

Mark 7:36-37 And Jesus charged them to tell no one. But the more he charged them, the more zealously they proclaimed it. 37And they were astonished beyond measure, saying, “He has done all things well. He even makes the deaf hear and the mute speak.”

2 things:

  1. It’s amazing how Christ commanded them not to tell and they seemed to tell about Him even more. Yet, He commands believers to tell about Him and we rarely do.
  2. We must seek to use our Service to the community for the expressed purpose of sharing the Gospel. Christ used His gifts where He was as a way of creating opportunities to share the gospel. Sadly, even though He healed and helped many, most were willing to accept His physical/temporary help but rejected His spiritual/eternal help.

Has God given us the opportunity to meet the needs of others? How can we use our gifts/service to open the door for more opportunities to share the gospel?


  1. August 5th at 6pm Billy and Cynthia Jones in Concert.
  2. Awesome August kicks off this Sunday night following the concert, Peanuts and Pepsi.
  3. August 6th Church Visitation. 5:30 food and 6:15 going out.
  4. August 7th at 7pm Softball game with White Savannah
  5. August 9th-11th Family Summer Camp.
  6. August 15th Family Fun Night

Love, Serve, Go

Brian Winburn

July 30, 2018, 7:24 AM

Sorry, Not Sorry

Church Family,

Sorry, not sorry. In today’s climate it seems like everyday a new public figure is having to say they are sorry without being able to say they are sorry. They don’t apologize for what they did, but rather that someone was offended.

John the Baptist spoke the truth to Herod. Herod was living in sin. He didn’t like what John said, but gladly listened to John anytime he spoke.

Mark 6:26-27 And the king was exceedingly sorry, but because of his oaths and his guests he did not want to break his word to her. 27And immediately the king sent an executioner with orders to bring John’s head. He went and beheaded him in the prison

What is the “but” in your life? The sorrow is there, “but” you still will not turn from your sin and go towards Jesus.

2 Corinthians 7:10 For godly grief produces a repentance that leads to salvation without regret, whereas worldly grief produces death.


Would you be willing to join me in praying for the direction of God for our lives and the life of the church? Ask that God would reveal the “but” if your life and the life of our church so that we can turn from it. What seems to keep you/us from taking steps of Faith?

I am praying for you and with you. God is so good!


  1. August 5th at 6pm Billy and Cynthia Jones will be in concert followed by a Peanuts and Pepsi social.
  2. August 6th Church Visitation. 5:30 we eat. 6:15 we minister.
  3. August 7th Church softball game with White Savannah.
  4. August 9th-11th Family Summer Camp at Camp Pinehill.
  5. August 15th Family Fun Night at 6pm.
  6. Awesome August every Sunday night following the service. Peanuts & Pepsi, Watermelon, Ice Cream, and Hot dogs.

Love, Serve, Go

Brian Winburn


July 27, 2018, 11:43 AM

God's service plan for you

Church Family,

A common question that many Christians wrestle with is, why doesn’t God allow me to do ____________? I think this happens a lot with ministries within the church. You may want and feel able to do a certain ministry, but it never works out for you to.

Mark 5:18-20 As he was getting into the boat, the man who had been possessed with demons begged him that he might be with him. 19And he did not permit him but said to him, “Go home to your friends and tell them how much the Lord has done for you, and how he has had mercy on you.” 20And he went away and began to proclaim in the Decapolis how much Jesus had done for him, and everyone marveled.

This man wasn’t allowed to go with Jesus. What may explain this is a church history story that recalls how the Christians when fleeing Jerusalem because the Romans were burning it down. The story says that they came to this area and found that there were churches already established and believers that were willing to take them in and help them out.

Now only God really knows why He wouldn’t allow the man to go with Him, but it helps us to trust that God’s plan is greater than ours and many times is thinking way in the future.

Can I encourage you today to pray about how you can serve the Lord with gladness? Ask the Lord to show you the full power of the gospel and how where you are serving best fits His eternal plans.


  1. August 9th-11th Family Summer Camp at Camp Pinehill. There will be an important meeting this Sunday after the morning service about this.

Love, Serve, Go

Brian Winburn

July 25, 2018, 8:56 AM

Using God's Word to Disobey God

Church Family,

While continuing to dwell on the Power of the Gospel as I read God’s word this morning I am moved to realize a terrible sin in my life. I often will use God’s word as an excuse to not to do God’s word.

Mark 3:4-5 And he said to them, “Is it lawful on the Sabbath to do good or to do harm, to save life or to kill?” But they were silent. 5And he looked around at them with anger, grieved at their hardness of heart, and said to the man, “Stretch out your hand.” He stretched it out, and his hand was restored.

One of the many powers found in the gospel is that there is no law that keeps us from doing good. No law that is written that prevents us from sharing the gospel, reaching out to the “least of these,” and serving those in need of salvation.

Yet, I must confess I will often try to use the Word of God as a reason to not Love, Serve, and Go. What are some of the scriptures that you abuse to prevent you from sharing the gospel?

Some might argue that there is more to being a believer/church than sharing the gospel. That our focus should be on unity, love, etc

Mark 3:14-15 And he appointed twelve (whom he also named apostles) so that they might be with him and he might send them out to preach15and have authority to cast out demons.

The Power of the Gospel brings the presence of God in our lives and compels believers to stand against all opposition in order to share the Gospel.

Mark 3:24-25 If a kingdom is divided against itself, that kingdom cannot stand. 25And if a house is divided against itself, that house will not be able to stand.

The Power of the Gospel brings true unity with God, not the knowledge of the Word and not human agreement.


  1. Tonight at 6pm we will have Family Fun Night. Prepare for water activities similar to VBS, Pizza, and Fun! Invite others
  2. August 9th-11th Family Summer Camp at Camp Pinehill. There will be an important meeting this Sunday after the morning service about this.
  3. July 29th after the Evening service we will have a SURPRISE sending out party for Peyton Andreucci. This is a secret so please do not mention it to him. We are thankful for the ministry that Peyton has been given and God’s graciousness to send Him to our church. As you know he has served as our youth intern this summer and will be going to Southeastern Baptist Theological College on August 11th. We want to give everyone the chance to thank him, pray for him, and if lead give a gift.

Love, Serve, Go

Brian Winburn

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